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At Knowle West Media Centre we believe that the arts have the power to make a difference to our lives, our neighbourhoods and our environment. We’re an arts organisation and charity based in Knowle West, Bristol and we’ve been supporting individuals and communities to get the most out of digital technologies and the arts since 1996. In practice, this means providing exciting and relevant ways for people to get involved in community activism, education, employment, and local decision-making.


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20 January 2016

Filwood Glow

Residents brought bikes and scooters to Filwood Broadway to decorate them with lights and reflectors for the Filwood Glow Parade this evening. The whole Broadway was closed to traffic to allow cyclists the freedom of the road. From toddlers to octogenarians - visitors enjoyed racing round the circuit, refreshments and activities. Despite plummeting temperatures there was a good turnout - with people suitably wrapped up for the occasion. The event was organised by Community Public Health to bring local people together and help to promote cycling and walking.
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20 June 2014

Mobile Tattoo Parlour on Filwood Broadway

The Mobile Tattoo Parlour continues its tour around the neighbourhood. Why not pop down to Filwood Broadway where we are residing outside Re:Store and upload some of your ink to our digital archive.

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