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At Knowle West Media Centre we believe that the arts have the power to make a difference to our lives, our neighbourhoods and our environment. We’re an arts organisation and charity based in Knowle West, Bristol and we’ve been supporting individuals and communities to get the most out of digital technologies and the arts since 1996. In practice, this means providing exciting and relevant ways for people to get involved in community activism, education, employment, and local decision-making.


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29 September 2015

Happy and Active in Knowle West 2015

The annual Happy and Active in Knowle West event took place at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) today - as part of the two week Celebrating Age festival. Organised by KWMC and Knowle West Health Park, the event was to showcase a variety of taster activities across the area for the over 55s. More than 100 people came in blazing sunshine to enjoy a singing session, tea dance and art activities as well as a digital skills class, armchair exercise and acupuncture. They were also treated to afternoon tea and home made pancakes. Thanks to all who came to enjoy a wonderful afternoon.
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