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At Knowle West Media Centre we believe that the arts have the power to make a difference to our lives, our neighbourhoods and our environment. We’re an arts organisation and charity based in Knowle West, Bristol and we’ve been supporting individuals and communities to get the most out of digital technologies and the arts since 1996. In practice, this means providing exciting and relevant ways for people to get involved in community activism, education, employment, and local decision-making.


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22 April 2016

JDP's lunch!

Junior Digital Producer leaving lunch, enjoying Thai food from @icklebristol @knowlewestmedia #staff #sunny #bristol
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9 February 2016

Pans at the ready

Staff at KWMC celebrated Shrove Tuesday in style - by cooking up a pile of pancakes with a range of different fillings - from the traditional lemon and sugar to fruit, chocolate with peanut butter and maple syrup. Using two camping stoves and wary of setting off the fire alarms, staff had flipping competitions and ate their way through over 20 crepes. Sue and Jen who organised the event agreed it was "brilliant for staff wellbeing and team building."
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29 January 2016

Our 'YouDecide' voting app being tested

Young people at Creative Hub tested our YouDecide voting app this week at KWMC and Would Like To Meet event. Great feedback and interesting to hear young people's views on their communities and what differences they would like to see...
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22 January 2016

KWMC - Fridge Raiders event

the Fridge Raiders event held @ KWMC on Friday January 22nd
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20 January 2016

11 December 2015

Summer Holiday theme for Would Like to Meet

Hawaiian shirts, shades and sangria were the order of the day at an alternative pre-Christmas party with summer holiday theme at Knowle West Media Centre. The popular networking event for artists and creatives included a show by Tom Marshman entitled "A Place in the Sun". The audience was entertained by some alternative flamenco dancing and introduced to some typical characters you meet on holiday.
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1 December 2015

Yoga and the Harp

A truly relaxing lunchtime session of yoga today at KWMC run by Carolyn Hassan, accompanied by harp playing from Martin Hanstead.
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29 September 2015

Lloyds employees do a spot of gardening at KWMC

Thanks to Lloyds employees who took up the tools and helped clear the garden at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC), under the watchful eye of our head gardener Jez. Under exceptionally hot weather for the time of year, they turned the overgrown borders into a tranquil space to enjoy.
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14 September 2015

KW Fest on Saturday, great turnout!

Really enjoyed Saturday's KWFest! Lots of great activities, workshops, food, projects, music, local people!
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11 February 2015

Caribbean food at The Park

KWMC staff enjoyed a lovely Caribbean lunch at Rochlata in The Park, Daventry Road yesterday. Top favourite was Akee and Saltfish with rice and peas, closely followed by Jerk Chicken. Great to be able to sample international flavours right on our doorstep. It's advisable to book your food in advance if you don't want to wait as they get very busy.
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